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Once upon a time ... 

I was a very sensitive child growing up in an environment not very open to emotional expression, especially those emotions like sadness, frustration, anger, etc.

I didn't have words for what I was experiencing; I just felt very disconnected from the outside world. I felt like I lived in this bubble nobody understood. And I didn't understand the world - why there is so much struggle everywhere? I felt like the world was such a beautiful place full of wonder, yet I saw so much struggle and pain around. 

(I think if someone had read me this text below, I would jump up with excitement and feelings of recognition.)

When I was 15 years old ... 

I wandered into a bookstore and bought my first book called "how to let go of the past."


It was a purely intuitive purchase, but it resonated so much that I couldn't leave it there. This book was the first thing I can remember that set me on this path. Books about psychology and personal development have been on my table ever since. I finally felt like somebody understood.

I grew up in Prague, Czech Republic.

I learned Spanish and envisioned myself going to Spain. I didn't have a very good relationship with my English teacher in school, so I tried everything I could to avoid speaking English. So I did my best and graduated in Spanish. I fell in love with the language, and ... that's the end of this love story. 💔

I traveled to Vancouver for a year to visit, experience new things, and confront English in its natural habitat, hoping to learn to love it (spoiler alert: I do now). Ten years later, I'm still in Vancouver.

It wasn't in any of my wildest dreams, but I'm grateful because it opened up all these possibilities for me to explore life outside my comfort zone and expand my knowledge.

Over the last 15 years,

I have studied many things: psychology, spirituality, quantum physics, childhood development, energy healing, somatic work, holistic medicine, trauma, etc. I became certified in some modalities, tried countless self-help tools, and sought help from many practitioners, all in an effort to understand myself better and to navigate some of my health challenges.

I struggled with horrible back pain, food intolerances, depression, fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and dizziness. All of these things were medically unexplained, and I was usually offered solutions to suppress the symptoms with tons of other side effects. I was on medication for high blood pressure and was referred for heart surgery to treat heart arrhythmia. However, I felt like there was nothing wrong with my body; it was just a reaction to too much stress. And the short answer: it was.

I'm not opposed to medication and always advise people to seek medical help, but sometimes we need more investigation, which the medical system is too busy to provide to everyone. So, if you are not okay with living in pain (emotional or physical), you are inevitably set on a journey to find answers for yourself. There are so many stories like mine, and it can be very empowering to read about what's possible.

So, here my journey began, and here it also continues. I couldn't be happier to have the understanding and tools I have now; it's life-changing.

Thank you for taking your time to learn more about me and why I do what I do. 

Now, I would love to hear your story and what motivates you to seek deeper connection. 🤎

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