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What people are saying 

Michaela M. L., Vancouver

Working with Kamila has been a transformative journey. Her compassion, deep understanding, ability to hold space, and diverse therapeutic approaches have shed so much light on what was going on in my life. I feel like a new person now. I felt seen and supported for the first time in my life. She showed me a completely new way to relate to my life! I'm so grateful!!!


Sarah N., West Vancouver

I just love working with Kamila! I battled depression and overwhelm for years. I tried many things, and nothing worked. Kamila creates a safe space where vulnerability is not just accepted but celebrated. She helped me navigate the depths of my emotions and somehow guided me from despair to joy. Her unique approach and deep understanding of sensitivity have been a game-changer! 


Andrea S., North Vancouver

Have you ever had the feeling that there is no one who could listen to you and offer loving support in your life? Kamila is the person who provided me support in the darkest moments of my life. She's an angel walking on Earth. After talking with her, I always feel that I'm not alone and that it is okay to feel this way. It's okay to be confused, angry, or sad. I feel safe, understood, and accepted. I haven't felt like this before. If you feel like something is missing from your life but you don't know what, reach out to her. She will be a very helpful mentor to you on your journey to heal. I highly recommend her services. All the love, Andrea


Tereza P., Vancouver Island

Kamila’s gentle and empathetic approach is very inspiring. She is capable of fully tapping into your feelings, validate whatever c*ap you are going through and make you feel whole (maybe for the very first time in your life). She creates space that feels like home, the proper home, where you are heard, safe, understood and you can be yourself. Thank you!

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